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Mona Vanderwaal in 5x12

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emily fields + season 5a outfits (part 1)

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The top image is the car Mona owned before she got Jenna’s Mustang. It’s a Chevy Cruze. The bottom photo is a random Chevy Cruze I found online for comparison. I believe the car Mona’s body was placed inside was some type of Ford. It could be an older Ford, but if it’s new, I’d say it may be a Ford Focus without a hatchback. The Ford logo is an oval shape with the name FORD inside of it. Also, just to clear it up, Paige drives a blue Toyota Prius with a hatchback.


I worked out who’s car Mona was stashed in… It was her own. This is her car from sometime in season 3 (I don’t remember exactly when). It’s blue . And I’m pretty sure that’s a ford… This show has literally rocked me to the core I can’t process all of this.

I’m just tagging pll accounts for opinions on this

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NOPE. Mona’s car is a Chevy Cruze.

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Anonymous inquired:

OK so I never watched Ravenswood what is Caleb so afraid of ghosts?

Miranda was alive when Caleb met her, but she died and became a ghost. He was able to see her and communicate with her. She first appeared to him when he was trying to sleep. He told the story about taking jars and releasing people that appeared as fireflies. He hadn’t seen Miranda since that time, and he was afraid that if he went to sleep she would appear. He was afraid something would be wrong and that she would blame him because when he went there he was supposed to help her. She died and he was suffering from guilt from that. Ravenswood was weird, but the story was never complete so that’s the best I can say about it for now. Caleb was under a constant threat of death for himself and the friends he made, plus Miranda had died, there were curses and a lot of weird creepy things going on there.

Hope this helps!

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Anonymous inquired:

What do you think that the manhattan project is referencing "the Jenna thing" or Toby's house being bombed

I did think it was just about the secret multi-government project that made the atomic bomb. I know it’s been mentioned twice. It may refer to when the girls were in Manhattan, maybe a clue that Mona knew about the secrets they left there. Ashely Marin was supposed to be in New York so maybe it was referring to that big lie that surrounded the time of Wilden’s death.

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