Aria Montgomery + hair flips (Season 3)

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Pretty Little Liars? More like Pretty Little Truants.

Anonymous inquired:

Hi! Love your blog! I dont think we should completely trust Ezra either.he lied since day one.what do you think about it? Should we trust him now?

Aww, thank you so much, love! I don’t think we can trust anyone on the show, and we should never let our guards down. Ezra is my love, but I can’t trust him. I do have mixed feelings because I believe his storyline was mangled when they decided to take him to chickpeas in s4. I know they planted clues early on in case they decided to make him “A” or involved, but it doesn’t really match up. First of all, he may have known who the girls were, but how could he have known that Aria would come to that bar? She’s the one that showed up sometime after he was already there. And knowing that his “holy crap” line was originally genuine, but now we have to interpret it differently since they changed his course is bothersome for me.

Getting more into current events, I’m suspicious of what went down with Eddie Lamb. Ezra came to Aria saying you saw Eddie Lamb before you left right? He says Eddie made a plan to meet him and didn’t show up. I guess we should assume that Eddie explained he met with Aria and she took the sketchbook, otherwise, how would Ezra know she had just seen him? He put all of his spy equipment away… supposedly. Do we trust Ezra that he didn’t meet with Eddie? What if he did meet with him and learned something that he wants to keep secret? I’m not saying Ezra killed Eddie because wow I just can’t believe that! But I’m suspicious about it. What else has he learned from talking to people at Radley? He has to know more! And he’s never once mentioned Wren, but he must know him. He must’ve known more about NAT also.

Now I’m even beginning to question if he might actually have been related to Bethany. He said he wanted to write a story about his family, and he’s afraid he made it worse. How? What did he do to make things worse? There’s definitely more to Ezra. I wouldn’t take my eyes off of him (and not just b/c I find him attractive hehe).

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I feel like this moment is actually really important. Look at Alison’s face. Look at her eyes. She was just buried alive by her own mother. You’d think she would look scared or have some sort of emotion. But no. She looks so empty. She looks so numb. I don’t think Alison was taught how to love or how to feel any real emotion. I don’t think she understood how because her family didn’t show her that they loved her. And then her mother buries her alive and leaves her there. I know it’s just a show and most of this stuff might not happen to real people, but this is a 15 year old Alison DiLaurentis. She was fucking 15 years old and she got buried alive by her mother. And I’m not excusing Alison’s actions because of this, she was a horrible person. But she’s been punished thoroughly for her actions. She got tormented by A, hit in the head with a rock, buried alive by her own mother, encouraged by Mona to leave everything behind. She’s been living in fear for the past 2 or 3 years, jumping at every little sound because she thinks A has come to finish what they started. I feel bad for her. I think she deserves another chance to prove herself. I don’t even know where I was going with this.. I just wanted to get that out.

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A be sending text messages to Toby like…

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this is most important

Pretty Little Liars meets The Wizard of Oz.
Hanna Marin and Dorothy Gale in Shoes

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Is everyone forgetting all the bad things Toby did in season 3?

He tried to run over Lucas, he hurt Hanna with mannequins, he scared Spencer when she was in the shower, I’m assuming he sent Ezra that text about his kid through Aria’s phone, he slashed Paige’s tire and stalked them, listening to their whole conversation. He did a lot of messed up stuff and if he could do all of the things before, he could probably do them now. I definitely don’t trust Toby.

No, dear, trust me, I haven’t forgot any of it, and I want an explanation! Toby, explain yourself and NO I will not be distracted by your pretty blue eyes full of tears or the ever growing mane a top your head. I know that’s where your demons lie! And I’ll take no explanations that the answers were lost when your hair was blown off when your house exploded. Don’t you dare try to cover it with a durag either.