I noticed a weird frame in the preview. Who does it look like?? 

The image before, as it darkens, turns from Emily to… Jenna??



Blue dress, long  gloves. It looks like one of Ali’s new friends.


Lightened and zoomed:



And I think it’s Sydney next to her. The twins Cindy and Mindy are on the right of Ali.

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Through the looking glass 


#PLLChristmas Ali is locked in the church with this casket. I bet it’s apart of her dream/visit from Mona (the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future).

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Through the looking glass (part 3)

Through the looking glass (part 2)


In the promo, Spencer says, “Be careful tonight, we can’t trust HIM anymore.”

Who do you think they can’t trust anymore?

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Spoby in the Christmas Episode

Is Toby wearing like a glam shirt all shiny blue and grey? Totally looks like it.

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5x13 “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” Official Promo

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