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About that "Personal" post part 1: I don't know what you've gone through or know your story but can I just say that when it comes to deserving happiness (if that is such a thing that is deserved), I'd say that you do! Of course you do! Again I don't know you, but I do know the daily amounts of happiness I've gained by following your blog this summer! And if someone spreading joy to strangers over the internet in this day and age iisn't worthy of happiness than I don't know who is.
(continued) About that “Personal” post part 2: plus if you know the answer to why you shut down it seems to me you’re already very much on your way to maybe allowing the good to come in. Maybe you just need some more time to opening up! I know that sounds a bit clichè, but you know…? Time man, it heals stuff! I hope things work out for you and that you find your way back to your stories! And if not, that you’ll find new ones! *Sending you positive energy as we type*
This is so sweet.Thank you so much for everything you said as it brought tears to my eyes. My dad passed away last year and my mom the year before that. And I have an incurable illness that really sucks. I think it’s just all made me go numb and I probably haven’t dealt with any of it in a healthy way. It makes me afraid to really grab on to those happy moments or to seek them out because it’s so painful for them to go away, to lose who you love and even to lose yourself. I basically know who I am, but it’s breaking through this hard shell I’ve built around myself to get back to being me.

I don’t actually think there’s any such thing as deserving anything, especially happiness. Life is just life and we live and we die. And I’m okay with that. We make our own happiness by making the best of whatever situation we’re in. Sometimes it’s just a little overwhelming. <3 But thank you so much again for what you said because I really needed to hear that right now. I didn’t know anyone was really reading my blog lol
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I was wondering if you could make a gif set of the whole Jenna, Mona, Sydney scene. or like the whole bathroom scene where sydney walks out of the bathroom stall. Thanks. :)

I sure will, love! I’m going out in a minute though so I’ll have to make it after I get back. <3

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We are going to get to see a flashback of Melissa in the christmas episode! Hopefully that means mini Spencer too! 


Finally snow in Rosewood!! #PLLChristmas Special

Not enough snow. We need more snow!

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"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

- Steven Kloves (screenplay), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, spoken by Albus Dumbledore  

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I needed to see this today. <3

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After all of the tragedy that has happened in my life, I feel like I’ve shut myself down. It’s been going on a while, and it’s probably why I haven’t been willing to write. I have unfinished stories waiting for me to come back to them. There are characters with untold stories and half written lives that want to live again. I try to write and nothing comes out but a whisper. It’s as if I’m waiting to die, as if I’m living as if I’m dead.

I cut off ties with people I love because loving them means risking the pain of losing them. It’s been better not to love, to be numb, because then it won’t hurt as much when the inevitable comes. I’m always the one left in the dark.

I don’t think I deserve happiness. I’m not as happy as other people about getting engaged or the prospect of having a child. It feels like I’m a body in place of someone else that should’ve made it. But I do realize how special it is for any person is to be alive. If I know this, why can’t I feel?

Why do I shut down before allowing the good to come in? I know the answer. I just don’t know how to fix it.

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"It’s a beautiful scarf."


Here is the conversation that went down between Hanna and Sydney at The Brew. 

Sydney: *Points to newspaper talking about Toby’s house* I was just reading about that, so scary. Apparently they lost everything.

Hanna: Yeah we were at Em’s house when it happened.

Sydney: Did you know whoever lived there?

Hanna: Yeah, our friend Toby grew up there with his step sister, Jenna.

Sydney: Her name just keeps popping up. People seem to have a lot of beef with her.

Hanna: She definitely has ground chuck to grind.

Sydney: And someone thought her house would make a good barbeque pit.

Hanna: *Laughs* God I would have loved to rack her over the coals.

Sydney: *Laughs*

Hanna: Actually thats not true. Um I just think the whole time we were fighting someone else’s battle.

Sydney: Have you ever wanted to make up with Jenna? Quit fighting?

Hanna: I mean there was always a possibility we could with Shana, *shakes head* Jenna. But after everything that happened in New York it’s just to late.

Sydney: Sounds juicy

Hanna let it slip that she knew about Shana and what happened to her in New York and she knows that Jenna will never forgive her and the other girls about what happened to Shana. Therefore Hanna opening her mouth caused the Liars to receive this text message from A…

New York, New York its a hell of a town. Ali’s keeping secrets maybe because of Hanna big mouth. 

Could this show that perhaps Sydney is working for the A Team or someone that is on it? We do know that Sydney does have a connection to Mona and Jenna in someway.